BODY{ scrollbar-face-color:'#B35900'; scrollbar-arrow-color:'#FFFF00'; scrollbar-track-color:';#ac4400'; scrollbar-shadow-color:'#FFFFFF'; scrollbar-highlight-color:'#D7B642'; scrollbar-3dlight-color:'#FF0000'; scrollbar-darkshadow-Color:'#5C5C5C'; } //generated by Visual Scrollbar Builder --> Abstract mirror named Ego with brushed aluminum,plexiglass and miiror,This abstract mirror is a modern mirror as well as a contemporary mirror
Ego has great lines and swooshing layers that give's this mirror some real Ego. This mirror can be made in a variety of colors to match your unique Decor. 
Mirror , Brushed Aluminum, Glass Paint
48 x 36 x 3
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Tony Viscardi
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