outdoor sculpture
                               4-ft x 45 Inches
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"Fleur De LED"
outdoor sculptures and corporate sculptures
Retro art style art piece. Art deco design with cool boomerang 50,s style art shapes.
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Beautiful Fleur De lis LED sculpture. This Fleur De lis sculpture has 2 sets of led lights with seperate remotes. This allows you to do a array of color combinations. The LED lights can be set to a solid color in the front and color changing mode in the back or vice versa. You can also have one solid color in the front and the back.
The possibilities are endless with these LED lights.
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Flure De Lis sculpture with 2 sets of color changing LED lights. The LED lighting in this sculpture in color changing mode lights up 2 colors at once and gives a kelidiscope effect on the aluminum sanding marks. Really impressive feature like I have never seen before.
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This Flure De Lis sculpture definatley has that "WOW" factor.
This Flure De Lis sculpture can have totally different looks from day to day, its your choice, just grab the remote and have fun with it!!!
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