"Public, Corporate & Outdoor Commissions"
stainless steel outdoor sculptures
Younique Salon & Spa Pics

jamfest art by tony v
Jamfest - Cheer
aluminum front desk and aluminum receptionist desk
The Ville Magazine
aluminum sign in aluminum
Elevation Salon
worlds largest pair of sunglasses sign in aluminum
The Worlds Largest pair of sunglasses created by Viscardi
monumental,monumental outdoor sculpture, public sculpture and modern sculpture
modern outdoor sculptures, large outdoor sculptures
sign and a sculpture sign in aluminum and metal
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outdoor sculpture, public sculpture,Abstract outdoor sculpture,contemporary outdoor sculpture
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Custom designed private commissions are available in virtually all sizes & price ranges To speak with the artist directly please call  502 419-6755
Public sculptures can be created from 4ft to 100 ft
sign and a large sign in contemporary sign
GreatLifeCafe - Sign
orange county choppers sign in brushed aluminum
Viscardi creates OCC sign
art sign and hornets nest sign
The Hornets Nest Tattoo shop
outdoor sculpture, outdoor sculptures, large outdoor sculpture, outdoor garden sculpture
modern outdoor sculpture, outdoor sculpture artist, outdoor art sculpture
contemporary nail salon designs
Andreas Salon
outdoor sculptures in metal and stainless steel
   About Face Salon
monumental sculptures in aluminum
Elevation Salon 2
sculpture fountains, contemporary sculpture, horse sculpture,art deco sculpture
Derby Dreamin
Shoe carnival designed by Tony Viscardi
Shoe Carnival
Tony Viscardi
outdoor sculptures and contemporary sculptures
modern aluminum sign and signage
DG Motoring Sign
Tony Viscardi
nail salon and beauty salon art
American Nail Salon
St. Matthews United Methodist church
methodist church sculpture, outdoor statue, cross, art cross, religious cross
university of louisville cards logo head sculpture in brushed aluminum
University Of Louisville
university of louisville gates and awning in brushed aluminum
University Of Louisville
horse sculpture
Eight Belles Horse
art sculptures
public sculpture
outdoor sculptures
Receptionist Desk
University Of Louisville
water fountain,water fountain in aluminum wall fountain
Zuki 6ft water fountain
Wild Strawberry Salon
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7ft Palm Tree
Spinning Colors
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sculptures in aluminum and abstract sculptures
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